For over a million years, humankind has gathered to cook meat over the fire. Over an open flame, we would find sustenance, safety, family and fare. It was only in the 16th century that the earliest name for this kind of cooking, given by the Indigenous Tiano peoples of the Caribbean, was recorded. Barbacoa!

Today, that tradition hasn’t changed much.

Barbecue is a food that brings people together in times of celebration and friendship. With it, we gather, feasting on the smoked, seasoned, charred and spiced offerings that only the open flame can provide. We stoke the fires of tradition, invention and flavour that are our collective heritage.

Our roots are yours. The root of our cooking is no different: it’s Barbacoa.

With a focus on providing a unique dining experience, Barbacoa offers locally sourced food cooked over an open flame, prepared with a fiery passion for good food.